Q. I have appliances and furniture I need removed, how much will it cost? How much will I pay?

  A. Check out Item Pricing to help calculate the cost. You may also call me at (615)651-9423 for a quote.

Q. What type of items do you take?

  A. If I can load it, I can haul it. I do my best to get any and all items a customer may have.

Q. What type of Payments do you accept? 

  A. I accept Cash, Check, or Credit. There is a 4% Charge for Credit Payments.

Q. I have some items I'd like to donate to Goodwill or other place, would you do that? 

  A. I am willing to drop any items off at donations sites as you wish, but the standard pickup fees still apply.

Q. Do you charge to remove scrap metal? 

  A. Yes, I do charge to remove scrap metal as well as all other items.

Q. I live outside the listed areas, will you still pickup from me?

  A. I will pickup outside of the listed areas, call for a personalized quote.

Q. Are you licensed and insured?

  A. Yes we are!

Got a question and don't see it here? Give us a call, email, or use the contact form found on the Contact Us page.